Overclocking. Computer Performance. Innovation.

What is Overclocking?

Overclocking specializes in unique, innovative PC performance methods. We test the latest and greatest equipment on the market and push systems to their limit. Our experienced team is recognized world wide for performance records and innovation. We strive to bring our followers the best overclocking methods available. Our goal is to bring the world of overclocking to YOU.
When it comes to performance, there is only one choice. NEXGEN. We specialize in performance and can prove it with our industry leading benchmarks and world recognition. We stretch beyond the traditional world of overclocking to reach new heights in performance using new, innovative methods.
NEXGEN is a leading innovator in the overclocking world. We strive to consistently out perform the competition by creating and implementing ideas regularly. This drive is what has helped us form new methods for overclockers of all ages and skill sets to enjoy.
When it comes to experience, NEXGEN has it covered. We have over a decade in the overclocking industry and it shows in our innovative builds. We strive for difference and independence in the overclocking industry. Our experience in the overclocking world is next to none.